Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Last Month........

Within the last month we bought Conner a motorcycle. Conner has talked about these for a long time. We would always tell him when he learned to ride his bicycle without training wheels and when he turned five that we could get one. Conner thought he would be able to hop on it and do pop-a-wheelies, but discovered that it was a little harder than he thought it was going to be. Haylee of course jumped right on it and rode around the house with a huge smile on her face. Jay has decided that Haylee needs a bigger motorcycle for herself since she is so good at it.

Then on August 25th, Conner turned 5. For a little birthday party, we took a few of his friends to see the movie The Clone Wars. He now says that it is one of his favorite movies. When we lit the candles on the cupcakes and started singing him Happy Birthday he blew out the candles before we were done because he didn't like the flame. We gave Conner a blue light saber(it had to be blue) and the Star Wars Lego Game. Right now it's all about Star Wars.

Over Labor Day weekend we went camping with Avery and Tristin to Cinnamon Creek. It was a fun, relaxing time. A little eating, reading, fishing, and rhino riding. Even though we try really hard, it never goes as smooth as we would like. To start off the trip, Jay got the combination to the gate from his mom. She gave him three different combinations and told him that it was one of them. Of course none of the three would work. With no cell phone service, and no way to turn around, Jay hopped onto Conner's motorcycle with a flashlight in his mouth (it doesn't have any headlights) and drove up into the camp spots to see if he could get the right combination from someone. I'm sure that the guy who gave Jay the comb thought he was crazy, but oh well. At least we got through the gate. The weather was good for Saturday and most of Sunday but then it started raining as we were getting dinner ready. We decided to head home after dinner instead of staying tell Monday morning. Here is a picture of us trying out the hand carts.

Jay had to be cheesey for the camera

We also have two new additions to our animal family. Goats!!! Haylee is our animal lover and has named them Billy and Bob. These pictures are of her trying to fed them treats. The goat kept trying to head butt her hand. It was really funny.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Over the 24th of July we went to Yellowstone with some friends. Our last big hoorah for the summer. We had a really good time.

Conner, Haylee, Madison & Tanner waiting at Old Faithful

Wraith Falls

Mammoth Springs

It's hard to believe that school starts in just a couple of weeks. The summer went way to fast!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Camping on Memorial Weekend

We went camping on Memorial weekend in Smithfield Canyon. It was fun. We got to sit by the fire and play lots of games. The kids brought their swimming suits to play in the water but it was to cold, so they just walked around in it instead. Haylee and Hali were able to play together the whole time, which made Haylee very happy. Even though Haylee and Hali don't see each other very often, as soon as they get together they are like best friends. They have a lot of fun. Camping is Haylee's funnest thing to do in summer.

Written by Haylee

Our first camping trip of the year was cold but fun. We went with Meg & Jon, Brayden & Tiff, Stacy & BJ. We are looking forward to lots more camping trips this summer.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yeah for Meg!!!!!

I need to say a big THANK YOU to Meg. I was so frustrated with the blog layout thing and she came to my rescue. Isn't it wonderful! I love it! Yes Meg, you are my hero!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

First Entry

Today, with the urging of Haylee I have started a blog. I'm not sure why, there is nothing interesting about our life. But oh well.

Today for school Haylee got to go on a field trip to Salt Lake to the Clarke Planetarium. What a cool field trip. We never got to do things like that. She said that it was really fun and she learned a lot. When I asked her what she learned, she said that she couldn't remember. That's always her answer.